Fast, Affordable, and Reliable Bail Bonds In Southern California

The arrest of a friend or immediate family member may necessitate paying bail to secure their release from jail. Posting bail can impact your income, putting you on the edge of financial disaster. But the good news is that it does not have to anymore. You can call a bail bond service for help and avoid straining your pocket.

At Fausto's Bail Bonds, we have over two decades of experience serving the bail bond needs of clients in Riverside County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, and all of Southern California. If you want to have your loved one released from custody quickly, our bail bondsmen are here to help 24/7.

We are a reputable bail bond agency that believes in second chances. Our staff is devoted to serving the local communities with respect and dignity. It understands that bad things sometimes happen to good people and is determined to be on standby to serve everyone in their time of need.

Our goal is to ease your conscience when choosing the right option for your circumstances and to provide reliable and professional services. We understand how you want to remain confidential about your loved one's arrest and will ensure you achieve just that.

The ball is now in your court. Call us at 855-328-7867 or visit any of our offices across Southern California and meet for a consultation with someone who will understand your needs and explain all the cons and pros of the process you are about to enter. You need not suffer alone; share your situation with us, and we will tell you your options.

Why Choose Us?

We offer various low-down payment bond options and ways to remain updated on your repayment plan. Even if you do not have money to put down on a bond, we will work closely with you to develop a payment plan that suits your needs.

Additionally, we offer flexible financing options with easy payments. We do not charge any hidden interest or fees and will partner with you to establish the ideal payment options that suit your budget, taking weekly or monthly payments in person, online, or via the phone.

We strive to assist our clients in securing their loved one's release from custody in a manner that suits their specific financial situation. We offer:

  • The capability to offer more significant bonds.
  • Competitively low rates on bonds in Southern California.
  • Accept all major debit or credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal payments, and money orders.
  • Retained lawyer, homeowner, military, teachers, law enforcement officers, union members, and AARP discounts.
  • Low monthly payments.

We strive to make bond payments as easy as possible. Contact us now to learn how simple making bond payments can be. Dial 855-328-7867 today to talk to a bail bond expert.

Bail Bond Service With Bilingual Staff

Our staff is bilingual and skilled in interacting with clients from diverse backgrounds. As persons, they welcome and enjoy any opportunity to help individuals having challenges and impacting families facing the hardship of their loved one being in jail.

Se Habla Espanol

When a Spanish-speaking client is seeking help with posting bail, they may be worried about a language barrier between them and the person helping them. At Fausto's Bail Bonds, all our bail bondsmen are bilingual and fluent in Spanish. If an interpretation of the Spanish language is needed, they will gladly help. For Spanish-speaking help with surety bonds, please contact us at 855-328-7867.

Online Bail Bond Services

At Fausto's Bail Bonds, we offer online bail bond services, which will make the release of your loved one easier and faster. With online bail bond services, you do not need to step foot in our offices. All you should do is follow three straightforward steps to engage one of our bail bondsmen, and your loved one will return to their normal life in no time.

First, reach out to us by visiting our website or calling. After contacting our friendly bail bondsmen, they will guide you through the standard bail procedure and advise on the suitable steps to take as you start processing your loved one's release. You must also complete the necessary paperwork before our bail bondsman starts the bond process.

Second, you will talk with the bail bondsman to determine a repayment plan that suits your needs. Your bail bondsman will discuss various repayment plans within your budget and present our fast and easy payment options.

Lastly, we end the bond process by posting the bond and having your loved one set free. Thanks to our skilled and competent bondsmen, all these steps take just a few hours.

Friendly Bondsmen

We offer free bail bond consultations for our clients and always strive to be there for them when they need us the most. We have designed our offices to discreetly and privately handle clients' personal bond transactions, making every client relaxed and comfortable.

When faced with a bail crisis, choosing the right bondsman is an essential decision that must be made in a quiet, friendly environment surrounded by knowledgeable and experienced bail professionals. Our bondsmen have worked with us for over ten years. This experience speaks for itself. Their knowledge, confidentiality, and support are critical if your loved one is to be released faster.

By choosing us to help you, your decision to ensure your loved one has the opportunity to walk freely pending the resolution of their case could not be any more appropriate. There are many different bondsmen and choices, but only we can help you navigate the complex California criminal justice system successfully.

The Bail Bond Process

The bail bond process begins with the arrest of the defendant. Once the defendant is arrested, they are taken in for booking and processing and then taken to a holding cell or jail while their case is escalated to the D.A., who will decide whether or not to file charges. If the prosecutor decides not to file charges, the arrestee will have no case to answer, and they will be released. But if the D.A. files charges, the defendant will remain in custody to await arraignment.

During the arraignment, the judge will ask the defendant how they plead to their charges and then set bail. Note that the judge has the discretion to deny bail. If the judge denies bail, the defendant will remain in custody until their case is resolved. And if the judge sets bail, the defendant must pay the set amount before they are released.

Once the judge has set bail, a third party on the defendant’s behalf (or the defendant themselves) can reach out to a bail bondsman at a bail bond agency in their location. The bail bondsman will then start processing the bond. They will ask the defendant or third party various questions and complete the necessary paperwork.

The bondsman will then charge a fee, usually ten percent of the total bail amount. After the defendant or third party has paid the fee, the bondsman will travel to where the defendant is being held to post the bond with the court, securing their custody release pending the resolution of their case.

Navigating the California bail bond process can be overwhelming, mainly if you are not conversant with legal proceedings. With strict regulations in place and complicated paperwork to handle, you want to seek help and guidance from a trusted bail bondsman. They can explain the process, collect the required information, and file paperwork to ensure the swift release of your loved one.

Also, a reliable bondsman can guide you through any issues that might arise during the bail bond process, for example, communicating with the court or attorneys. Ultimately, relying on the support and expertise of a reputable bail bond service such as Fausto's Bail Bonds can assist in alleviating stress and providing peace of mind during a difficult time.

Essential Information To Provide Before We Can Post Bail

Because we will be working on posting a bond for your loved one's release, you want to provide various crucial pieces of information. The details you give primarily assist in identifying the inmate and learning about the potential charges they faced after their arrest. That way, our bail bondsmen can know what bail amount is required. The details include:

  • The inmate's name as captured in their official ID documents.
  • The place where the arrest happened.
  • The inmate's date of birth.
  • The inmate's employment location or employer.
  • The approximate amount of bail required.
  • Potential charges of the inmate's arrest.
  • The inmate's contact information and physical address.
  • Your name, contact information, and physical address as the party requesting the bond on the inmate's behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Bail?

Bail refers to the amount of money a defendant pays the court to obtain their release from custody. The court keeps the money to ensure a defendant makes all court appearances. The bail amount required to secure a jail release varies based on the type of charge. Every county in California has a bail schedule, which lists bail amount recommendations for every charge. Judges use these schedules to set bail. However, they enjoy the discretion to set a lower or higher bail amount than the bail schedule recommends.

What Is a Bail Bond?

Most people usually use the terms "bail" and "bail bond" interchangeably, although these two do not mean the same thing. The main difference lies in who pays the money. With bail, the defendant or their family pays the total bail value to the court. A bond is posted on the accused's behalf, usually by a bail bond agency, to secure their release from custody.

What Is The Cost of a Bail Bond?

California law requires bail bond companies to charge a fee of 10% of the total bail amount to post a bond on the defendant's behalf. So, if the bail value is $50,000, the bail bondsman will charge a fee of $5,000.

This fee is known as the premium, and it is nonrefundable whether or not the defendant makes all court appearances because it is the company's charge for providing the bail bond service. Apart from the premium, some companies will request collateral to secure the loan. If the defendant skips bail, the company will sell the collateral to recover the bond money.

Note that although the law mandates a 10% fee for bond services, some companies charge additional fees beyond the premium, such as processing fees, administrative costs, and interest on the 10% fees. When selecting a bond service, you want to do your research to ensure its pricing is trustworthy and transparent.

What Factors Affect the Bail Amount?

We mentioned that every county has a bail schedule that recommends the bail amount for every charge, but the judge has the complete discretion to set a higher or lower bail value based on various factors. These factors include:

  • The seriousness of the offense—the more severe the offense, the higher the amount of bail and vice versa.
  • The possible risk and the probability of the accused making all court appearances.
  • The defendant’s criminal history—an accused with a substantial criminal record will be subject to a higher bail value than a first-time offender.
  • Caring responsibilities—the judge considers whether the accused is a carer, spouse, or parent while setting bail.
  • Flight risk—if there is any possibility that the accused would flee from their jurisdiction before attending court, the judge would set a higher bail amount than they would for a defendant who is not a flight risk.
  • Community ties—the judge may set a lower bail amount for persons with strong community ties than they would for those without community ties.
  • Danger to the public—the element of public safety will affect whether the judge grants bail or not and the bail amount set.

What Are the Various Types of Bail in California?

There are three types of bail in California, and several factors determine what kind of bail suits your situation. They include:

  • Cash bail: this type necessitates that the defendant, their family member, or their friend pay the entire bail amount. The bail money is refundable to the person who posted it once the case is closed and the defendant has made all court appearances. If the defendant fails to make the required court appearances, they will forfeit the cash bail to the court. Cash bail is not that common because the bail amount is usually high, and not so many people have the required amount readily available.
  • Property bond: here, the court places a lien on the defendant's property. If the accused fails to attend court, the court will seize the property and sell it to recover the bail amount. But if they make all the court appearances, the property will be returned to them. For the judge to accept a property bond, the property value must be twice as great as the bail amount. This type of bail is also rarely sought.
  • Bail bond: this type entails the defendant approaching a bail bond service to post bail for them. Using a bond service is the most common and convenient way of posting bail. Most people incapable of posting bail because they lack sufficient assets, either in the form of property or money, turn to bail bonds because bail bond companies only charge a small fee. If the defendant fails to show up in court, the bail bond company that posted the bond will forfeit it to the court. But if the accused makes all court appearances, the court will return the bond amount to the company.


After my brother was arrested in San Diego County, I contacted Fausto's Bail Bonds, and I am so glad I did. My bondsman secured my brother's release so quickly. Plus, they explained everything I needed to know about their services, including financing and payment options before I signed the contract. Thank you very much to the experienced and highly professional bondsman who improved an awful situation. — Elsa B.

I recently sought the services of Fausto's Bail Bonds after being arrested in Corona, Riverside County. Not only was my bondsman quick to attend to me, but he was also very informative and understanding. He did not criticize or judge me. He simply helped me out of a challenging situation. The bondsman answered my question and made me feel comfortable and relaxed despite the difficult circumstances. I do not plan to be arrested again, but I will call them again if it ever comes to that. The team here is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. I highly recommend their services — Ross M.

Although I am not proud to admit it, I was recently arrested in Los Angeles for DUI. I was confused and scared at first, unsure what to do. However, I reached out to Fausto's Bail Bonds and am so happy I made that decision. Not only did an experienced and professional bail bondsman help me secure my release, but they also informed me of what to expect going forward. They never judged me for being arrested. They only gave me a second chance. I am so thankful and will recommend their services any time! — Richard P.

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